What role does music play in casinos?

What role does music play in casinos?

Casinos are a serious business and there are no coincidences, except for gambling, of course. All tablecloths are green, no windows and no wall clocks are visible. Even music that is always played in the background is not random at all.

What music is on the casino playlist?

Music is the whole world, and the whole world is music. Nowadays you hardly find topics that have not yet been sung about. The casino with its endless temptations, high risks and brilliant games often appears in song lyrics of different times:

  • “Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley
  • “The Ace of Spades” by Motorhead
  • “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers
  • “Black Jack” by Ray Charles

But not only games of chance are used by the music industry, casinos also make use of popular songs at any time. But how do you choose exactly what is played in the casino rooms?

Not a question of aesthetics

The choice of suitable music is not based on aesthetic reasons or personal preferences. Melodies played in your favourite casino from well-hidden boxes are not meant to attract you to the dance floor. Rather, it is about the psychological purpose that music should fulfil. And to make yourself relaxed enough to get rid of your money more easily. The ambience of an average casino is extremely disturbing. Constant sirens, bells, lights and screams can make even the wildest, most drunken guest feel uncomfortable. To compensate for this madness, many casinos play soft, soothing music. You can also experience this at online casinos. Next time you want to get a bonus in your favourite internet casino on your PC, distract yourself for a moment and listen to the quiet casino music. It’s always there, you just don’t know it.

Speed also plays its role

However, it was also found that red light and fast music make people make their missions much faster. That’s why large land-based casinos have different music in different game rooms:

  • Well-known but neutral songs are suitable for large halls, because many people with very different tastes live here;
  • Classical music is quite common in poker rooms;
  • In rooms with slot machines there is always an upbeat atmosphere. The game is fast and rhythmic beats with high tempo go with it.

In addition, music is always adapted to the style of the respective playhouse. When it comes to a casino with a French theme, one can of course expect that there will be lids from the French music scene. After all, every single casino is a whole universe in which everything should be in tune with each other. Check out some French theme casino games at https://casino41.ch and https://casino-en-ligne-canada.ca.


There are also casinos where you can only listen to classical music. It has been proven that classical music has the greatest influence on the minds of players. On the one hand it spurs players on and makes them more eager to win, on the other hand it helps players to keep their concentration and cope better with losses.


So what we hear while playing is not necessarily our choice. But when you think about it, no one would really enjoy gambling in complete silence, would they?

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